Google Gravity

Most of us are familiar with the Google doodles and themes which are created to commemorate special days. If you are not aware of Google gravity, you are missing out on an interesting feature. Basically, google gravity will appear like the conventional search engine but the way the search results will appear will completely baffle you.

Google gravity is a trick based on javascript. At the present day, the method may not work for some computers as Google has made significant changes to the ways the search results are displayed. Nevertheless, it is worth a try. Incidentally, Google gravity has a lot of unique and exciting features in store. You can easily confuse someone who has little idea of the internet. So, let us look at them.

google gravity

Google gravity effect

Simply type google gravity into the search box, then click on “I’m feeling lucky” instead of clicking on the search button. By clicking the google gravity I’m feeling lucky, you will witness all the buttons and tabs to crash downwards. For someone, who is not familiar with this will think they did some blunder and wreaked havoc on the site. You can try and drag the fallen elements with your mouse, no sooner you let it go, and it will fall down again.

Google Space

You can enter Google space in your search box. Here, you will notice all the contents of the page are floating around. This is completely opposite to the previous trick, i.e. google gravity. The elements floating around will give you identical feelings of things moving in the space. If you intend to make searches, you can do that. The search results will similarly appear floating all over your screen. You will also notice, the search results or any other elements present in the page turns upside down as it happens in space, which is devoid of any gravity.

Google Underwater

Next is the google underwater trick. Once you enter this keyword on your search box, your screen will literally be transformed into an underwater scenario. You will witness the presence of many fishes swimming around just as it appears under the sea. When you make searches or move your mouse around, the water will splash around and the elements will move accordingly as if they are swaying in the waves. This is also referred as the google gravity underwater by many. You may have to wait for some time for the search results to appear. But the wait is worth it, as mentioned earlier, it is a treat for the eyes to see the results floating in the water.

Google gravity anti

At first impression, the google gravity anti trick might appear drastically similar to the google gravity trick. However, if you notice carefully the difference will be visible. In the google gravity anti, the elements will not fall crashing down, instead, all these elements will float in the opposite direction of the gravity. Thus the name Google Gravity Anti is aptly justified.

Google water

This is yet another interesting trick developed by Google. You simply need to enter the keyword google water and hit enter. The page that appears will have the words “Type some text and hit enter and click to draw waves”, in the top-middle section. As you enter text, the letters, you will feel as if the letters are emerging from the water. Hitting the enter button will make those letters disappear with a splash. You can also click anywhere on the screen to create a rippling effect, which is quite similar as it happens when you throw pebbles in water.

Google gravity pool

The google gravity pool is a very interesting game. As the name suggests, in this game you are required to deal with several balls which appear in variable color, sizes, and shapes. The rules of the games will be written in one of the balls. Initially, it might be perplexing to you, but as you begin to understand the game you will find the game to be rather interesting. Basically, here is what you are required to do:
Use your mouse to drag any one of the balls to a certain place on the screen. Then, you should let the ball go and click on the background. No sooner you do this, an incalculable amount of balls will start falling at a brisk pace. The next step involves you to double click on the background once more before the balls hit the bottom of the screen. The screen will change instantly and you are all set to play for a fresh session.

Google gravity Mr. Doob

You can enter this keyword google gravity Mr. Doob and hit enter. Click on the first search result and you will find yourself on an alternate Google page, which falls down almost at the same time your page gets loaded. You can play with each of the elements, including the Google logo by dragging them with your mouse and flinging it to any other corner of the screen.
As mentioned before, there are a plethora of tricks you can explore. Each of them is unique and appealing. Let us look at some more of these tricks Google has up its sleeves for the not so internet savvy person. Presently, it is hard to find anyone who is aloof about the internet. Yet, we are sure there are not many people who are acquainted with all these tricks. This is certainly going to be interesting for everyone, so let us take a look at a few more google gravity tricks.

Do a Barrel Roll

The procedure is similar like before, you enter the do a barrel roll on the search box and press enter. The resultant page will start rotating in a clockwise direction. You are bound to love the experience

Zerg Rush

This according to us is one of the best Google gravity tricks. You need not even wait for the search page to open. As soon as you type the keyword “zerg rush” small balls referred as zergs of various colors appearing from all corners of your screen. As these balls descend, the entire content of the pages will get wiped. This actually is a fun game your goal is to save the search results and the sidebars from these zergs. If you are observant, you will notice Google is tracking the actions per minute and the number of zergs you kill. Accordingly, you get a score, which can be later shared on Google+.

Google guitar

This google gravity trick is for the music lovers. Irrespective of the fact whether you can play the guitar or not, you will love playing the guitar with the help of your keyboard. Popular tunes like Twinkle Twinkle, Forest Gump, Harry Potter and Happy Birthday can be played. The best part is, Google provides the accurate notes for playing the tune. You also have the option of recording your guitar session.

Google Terminal

This google gravity trick aims at taking us back to the good old days. So, here you will be able to see how would have google looked in the era of 80’s. When you open the page, immediately a mechanic Google search bar is visible which is followed by a command prompt window. You can make your relevant searches by pressing the “S” button from your keyboard. You are simply going to love this one.

Google Rainbow

If you feel the Google logo to be monotonous, you can transform the Google logo into a rainbow. The appearance will be very colorful and appealing. Accordingly, the search button will get transformed to Rainbow search and the “I’m feeling lucky” to “I’m feeling colorful. Likewise, your search results will appear in a wide array of colors.

Epic Google

Another fun google gravity trick, you simply need to type the epic google keyword into the search box and you will see the google page becomes a huge “epic” stamp. All the related elements on the page start to grow in size. Eventually, they outgrow the entire screen. Obviously, you won’t be able to make any searches with such monstrous buttons, but you will find it entertaining.

Weenie Google

Now, this is just the opposite of the Epic Google trick. When you enter the keyword and press enter, all the elements of the Google page will start to shrink. Ultimately, you will find it impossible to figure them on the screen, as a result, you will also be unable to write anything in the search box.

Annoying Google

You can annoy Google and get messed up results by trying out this trick. As soon as you type this keyword, the name of the “Google Search” button gets changed to “Annoying Search” and the “I’m feeling lucky” button is changed to the “ I’m feeling annoyed” button. Similarly, the Google logo is visible as the name of “Annoying Google”. Now, as you try to search for something, your letters would randomly change from upper-case to lower-case.

Google Gravity Mirror

This again is one of the most popular Google gravity tricks. Typing this keyword will lead to a mirror reflection of the contents present in the page. Likewise, whatever you search for will get mirrored. Google has added precision to this trick. Imagine yourself standing in front of a mirror. The reflection is always the opposite of the actual. Here also, the search results will appear in a reversed text. If you seriously want to read the results, you will actually need a real mirror to be able to understand the contents of the search results.

Google Sphere

The google sphere happens to be one of the best google gravity tricks. The entire contents of the page will spin around in a sphere. It is virtually impossible for you to make any searches while the page is revolving around crazily. By chance, if you do manage to enter the keywords for searching something, the displayed result would also appear in a revolving manner. It is possible to control the spinning direction with the help of your mouse pointer.


Have you ever wished for a personalized Google page that comes with a customizable logo? If the answer is yes, this is google gravity trick is the perfect solution for you. Simply type, “Goglogo” and press enter. On the box that appears next, type your name or anything you prefer. This will become the logo replacing the conventional “Google” logo.

Walking to Mordor

If you are desperately trying to get back into shape, this google gravity trick is for you. Typing the keyword mentioned above will take you to the NerdFitness site, where you will get all the necessary information on getting fit.

The loneliest number

This google gravity trick actually helps you to use the scientific calculator on its page. Surely, there are not many people who are aware of this. Therefore, the next time you are in need to use the calculator and cannot find it in close proximity, try this keyword and Google will do all the necessary calculations for you. Incidentally, the loneliest number according to this trick is the number 1.
Google once in a blue moon
We all know, the term once in a blue moon refers to something which is very rare. So, when you type this keyword you will be presented with a complex mathematical value. You can say, this is Google’s representation of illustrating something that does not happen regularly.

Google energy saving

Typing the words mentioned above is going to turn your screen black. You should be aware, the bright screen tends to use more power. Thus, by turning the screen to black google contributes to low energy consumption.
These are by far the best Google gravity tricks. You can try each of them as mentioned here. This is going to add a lot of spree to the way you make your searches. All these tricks are worth a try and some of them are definitely going to impress you very much. So, go ahead and try them and get ready to be surprised.